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Come for the love, stay for the money.

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    Why Won’t She Pay for Dates?

    In this episode, one of our listeners is understandably burned out from the world of online dating. He’s been dating for five years and hasn’t found “the one”. What he HAS found is that he’s paying for a lot of dates and becoming resentful as to why his partners have not paid their fair share!

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    Wedding Secrets: Advice From Two Frugal Wedding Planners

    In this episode, our friends Joe and Katie give us a behind the scene look at the wedding planning business. They go into detail about the various costs of weddings and the best kept secrets on how to save money if you’re planning one!

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    Is Debt in a Relationship a Deal Breaker?

    In this episode, we interview our good friends Sammi and Kyle, a young couple who came into their relationship in very different financial positions. Sammi accumulated a significant amount of savings by her mid-twenties. Kyle, on the other hand, has six-figure student loan debt. This situation could have been a deal breaker for many couples, but Sammi and Kyle discuss how they've been able to make it work.

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    Two Become One: Merging Finances as a Couple

    Every day, couples are entering new relationships or trying to navigate their current ones. And whether it's a new or established relationship, the issue of how to manage finances will inevitably come up. In this episode, we interview Joanna Zarach, a self-professed tax nerd and a DIY financial guru. Joanna talks to us about how she became the financial manager in her marriage and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

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    The Day of the Supportive Partner

    Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!! Or as we call it around here on the podcast- The Day of the Supportive Partner. ❤️ In this episode, we introduce you to the cutest couple we know, MK and Jason! They’ve really mastered the art of mutual support in their near decade long relationship, and they have used these skills to achieve big personal and financial goals.

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    Independent Woman - Financially and Otherwise

    In this episode, our friend Marla Taner discusses her journey towards financial independence as a single person. Although she hasn't found her life partner yet, she has been able to build other kinds of loving relationships. And she demonstrates how a single person can live a full and rich life by building a wide range of friendships.

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    Lessons in Love & Financial Incompatibility After a Breakup

    How do you reconcile the search for love with the pursuit of financial independence and early retirement? That’s just what our guest will be talking about with us on this episode. Our friend Gwen is a young woman in her twenties who has her finances all in order. But then love came along and she found herself quitting her job, selling her house and moving across state lines to be with her partner.

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    Modern Love - Do I Need a Prenup?

    In this episode, our friend Emma Pattee will make a case for why she thinks all married or engaged couples should have a prenup or postnup. She’ll tell us the story of how she and her husband ended up with both of these documents and how it affected their relationship. And she’ll try to convince us that a discussion about finances and the division of assets in the event of a breakup is essential to the preparation of any marriage.

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    In Love and Money - Pilot

    Welcome to the pilot of the “In Love and Money” podcast, where love and money intersect! In this pilot episode, you’ll learn how we came up with the idea for this podcast, our relationship and money history, and our goals for this new venture.

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